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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

I've got 2 big questions right now.

Should I start Dwayne Bowe over Dez Bryant?

Dwayne Bowe
Red Zone monster
Going up against a team that let Plaxaco have 3 TD's
Consistent every week

Dez Bryant
Red Zone guy on his team
Not the only weapon
Versing an Eagles team with Asumaugh and Cromartie

Question 2

Darren Sproles or Steven Jackson

Mark Ingram is out
He had a monster game last week
Playing a banged up and bad Rams D

Having a disappointing season
Saints will probably be up by alot, Rams will throw to catch up
Still one of the best in the league

Im thinking of putting in Sproles unless someone says otherwise. Dez and Dwayne is a toss up. Any advice is appreciated.
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