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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Originally Posted by knicksman
The series would gone 6 or 7 though if rose wasnt gifted with those 20+ fts.
'Gifted'.. if anything, Rose didn't get enough calls. It happens so often, he gets so fouled in those sick layups (and still makes them).. doesn't get a call. Just because he's one of the greatest slashers in the league right now, doesn't mean he got 'gifted' 20 free throws.

On a side note, the same thing goes for Wade in the 06 finals, people will just dig up the numbers and compare them to, say Kobe, and say 'well Wade got 5 more free throws a game then Kobe did, must have been a set up.. Maybe it's because their playing styles are different? Jump shooters vs. Slashers.. It's not that complicated.

On topic; to a certain degree we did overachieve, we got the easiest match-ups in the entire playoffs up until the Heat, kinda surprised me our shitty offense didn't get exposed earlier.

With a decent SG added the Bulls can go all the way if you ask me. Boozer's fine, he has been injured badly for the most part of last year so everybody hating on him when he was just getting back in rhythm needs to calm down. I feel like he'll have a bounce back year next year, if he can stay healthy that is.
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