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Default Re: Sons of Anarchy Season 4

Originally Posted by ConanRulesNBC
I keep going back and forth on whether or not this will be Clay's last season. There's just too much crap he's gotten himself into and even if he does have Tara taken out, Gemma and Unser know what's going on. I think it comes down to Gemma. If she gets tired of Clay then you know he's gone by the end of this season.

But at the same time what is Sutter going to do with 3 more seasons if he ends the Jax/Clay feud this season? I think at the most there would be enough drama for one season (final season) without Clay and have the season be about Jax and Opie finally taking control of the club and taking it in their own direction.

I just really wonder what is going to happen the next 5 episodes this season and if/how Sutter can keep Clay around after this season.

I agree, if this isn't Clay's last season then it's because of a cliffhanger and he gets wrapped up next season.

They have already made it very clear that Clay can't stay in the club more than a year since he won't be able to ride due to his grip and he says he won't have surgery on his hands. So his time is clearly limited, and it's doubtful they will just have him cash out and walk away and retire peacefully.

So I think the main question is just how will he go out? Right now there are so many people who you could see taking him out. Obviously Jax over JT or Tara, Opie over Donna or Piney, possibly Gemma for a number of reasons. Bobby is mad at him now, Tig has a strange thing with Gemma that could somehow lead to a beef with Clay, you've got the Cartel thing and the Indian Reserve guys that Clay lied to.

But with Clay gone they will need someone else to step up fill in the show. They have made references that JT may actually not be dead.
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