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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Originally Posted by Go Getter
1. So the average for Champions is 5th for defense and 6th for offense....whose argument does that support?

2. I never said YOU don't need OFFENSE, I said OFFENSE takes a back seat to defense....any coach will tell you's why you hardly ever touch a basketball the first day of practice/camp.

3. Excuses, excuses. D. Howard, the best defensive player in the game is better than Dirk, the best offensive PF in the game.

4. Being tall and having that large a frame on over active knees is the reason centers are injury-prone. Oden got hurt standing up...he wasn't even playing ball.

so the gap is only 1 so that means they are almost equally important. And offense taking a backseat? I dont think so, you need both so its up to you which to focus. All I know that there are teams that can win with defense and there are teams that can win with offense as long as youre top 10 at both. Defense is higher by 1 coz its easier to play than offense. But ill take the harder part. Defense is easier but the chances of injuries are higher on defensive teams than offensive teams.

Maybe for you howard is better than dirk. But the ring speak for itself. Its easier to be like howard than to be like dirk. Its just that nobody wants to play howard style or play defense. Players dont want to get injured banging against opposing players. Im sure howard would rather play like dirk.

well pfs are also tall yet they are less injury prones esp those offensive pfs who never cared about defense like dirk, amare, bosh.
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