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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Honest question...Did the Heat overachieve?

Regular season:


Post season:


I mean seriously?

If we look at miami vs. chicago on paper...


Miami: 24th Chicago: 14th


Miami: 30th Chicago: 20th


Miami: 27th Chicago 2nd


Miami: 9th Chicago: 10th


Miami: 2nd Chicago: 27th


Miami: 1st Chicago: 7th

Basically if you averaged them to kinda go head to head...

Miami: 16 Chicago: 13

I mean all Miami has is a SG and SF. Wade and LeBron.

Now Dallas is even Better...

Bench: 2nd

Center: 11th

PG: 12th

PF: 6th

SG: 19th

SF: 9th

Dallas: 10 Chicago: 13 Miami: 16

Lets look at a random playoff team... Thunder?


Bench: 7th

Center: 28th

PG: 1st

PF: 15th

SG: 11th

SF: 3rd

Dallas: 10 Thunder: 11 Chicago: 13 Miami: 16 Boston: 17

Lower the better obviously.

Yes Miami will be a force to reckon with when they fill out their position and fill the holes. But last season? I think they were far from the best team. They basically only have two players driving that team.

Many teams could have beat them in the playoffs or finals. Dallas did beat them, Thunder could have beat them, chicago could have beat them, Boston could have beat them.

During the regular season the Heat went 2-8 VS. these 4 teams.

Last season anyone could have beat them. They were not that good but very overrated. I will say it again though...They will become quite the force once they get the right role players. LeBron and Wade can only do so much.

Just my two cents feel free to share your opinions
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