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Default Re: Did the Bulls overachieve last regular season? Phil Jackson thinks so

Originally Posted by Go Getter
You need both, correct, but only one feeds the other...good defense leads to easy buckets...good offense does not lead to good defense.

defense is NOT easier than offense

Howard IS better than Dirk pretty much everyone but you knows this.

Amare and Bosh are rather injury prone wtf are you talking about?

Steve Nash's back is always aching and he doesn't play a lick of d.

good offense leads to lesser injuries. You dont get good buckets when your offensive players(like boozer) are injured esp in the more important moments like the playoffs. And good offense too leads to better defense coz your defense would be set up properly by avoiding fast breaks. They are dependent to each other but its easier to play defense than offense. Just like its easier to be a defensive player like howard than to be a player like dirk. Theres a reason why dirk is being mentioned as one of the most unique player in the history because no one can do his style. There are lots of defensive coaches having no jobs at all but only few offensive coaches in this league. You have jeff van gundy having no job and larry brown willing to be an assistant coach in boston while i cant think of any offensive coach that has no job which means that its easier to be a defensive coach than an offensive coach.

Defensive coaches may have higher wins in their first year but on a 5-year stretch, I believe offensive coaches are better. Defensive coaches are coaches that doesnt care about their team long-term, they only care about now and their name without regard of the health of its players. Just like defensive players who are willing to sacrifice their bodies to earn those huge contracts, defensive coaches are also willing to sacrifice the health of its players just to earn those huge contracts. Thats why pjax said that the bulls overachieve coz these defensive coaches only care about NOW and not longterm. But of course fans think that its not the coaches fault when their players get injured because they think its just bad luck.LOL Thats why they think defensive coaches are better because they are better in the first year and doesnt include in their evaluation the 2nd year coz they have an injury riddled roster. Its really the same with players, cp3 is ranked higher than melo because of his defense. But melo is still more productive than him the last 4 years. But fans just care about peak rather than longetivity thats why cp3 is always better ignoring the fact that him playing defense is the cause of him not being able to produce what hes capable of right now. Just like fans only care about jeff van gundy making it to the finals while ignoring the fact that he injured and ended the careers of tmac and yao.

In contrast, offensive teams like the suns have been known to have the best doctors. Shaq, grant hill have preserved their health when playing for the suns. Is it really because of their doctors? or because of their OFFENSIVE SYSTEM?

Amare and bosh has been more healthy compared to the centers like bynum, yao, oden, noah, perkins in this league. And steve nash may have a bad back at the age of 38 but chris paul and deron already have been injury prones while they were not yet at their peaks. And the cause of cp3s injury? yeah hustling(defense) for the ball and eventually landed on the cameraman.
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