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Default Re: Modern Warfare 3

from everything i have seen and read so far seems like modern warfare 2.5 than 3.... idk i think the extra things they are adding to the game are cool but he pace and style of the game seems exacly like mw2 and probably be played sort of the same. Inevitably there are gonna be some BS combinations of perks killstreaks and things that are gonna be used a lot more than othes. I am excited to see how all of this plays out. This time around will be differet for me seeing as i have a friends list full of people who play cod on a consistent basis.

In mw2 the first few months i ran solo a lot , so starting off playing with guys like kung(mike), GOBB (mark) and a bunch of other people will be great. I cant say what setups i will be using i just kind of go with what feels good. Now we can see from the start how we do playing with each other , all i know there are gonna be a lot of upset people out there after they run into us...
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