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Default Re: MLS Surpasses NBA In Attendance

Keep in mind that the NBA (and NHL) have around over twice as many home games (41 for NBA/NHL, 17 for MLS this past year). While MLS might have a higher average attendance for games, more people are showing up to NBA and NHL games per year. 5,468,951 showed up to watch MLS games in the 2011 regular season; 21,302,573 showed up for NBA games for 2010 - 2011; and 20,928,036 showed up to watch NHL in 2010 - 2011.

Also, generally MLS venues, while not huge, are bigger than NBA and NHL ones. This makes sense, as soccer is played in stadia, and basketball and hockey in arenas.

Basically, while this is good news for MLS, it doesn't really mean much when looked at from a more general view of US sports. NBA and NHL are still much more popular. 5 and a half million versus over 20 million is still a huge gap.

And it certainly doesn't prove anything about whether or not NBA is popular in the US. It obviously is. One needs only look at the TV ratings to see that. MLS, while doing well for itself in attendance, is still woefully ignored on TV.

In conclusion, Euroleague really, really sucks.

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