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Default Re: OT: Duke Out first round

Originally Posted by DatZNasty
So does Maynor come out now? I didn't even see the game but figured it was a possibility

No way maynor goes out, He's only a sophmore and averaged 13/6. VCU has a 28-6 record and he single handedly beat George Mason at the end and now whooped up on duke with 22, he still stays all 4 years.

I'm gonna go ahead and say it. I don't mind Greg Paulus.

how many turnovers did Greg Paulas have? He had a ton, He's overated and i'm not saying that because i hate him im saying it because he's looked so out of shape and slow, VCU put the press and he was winded with his hands on his knees most of the game. He was 6-11 from the freethrow line and he is a horrible passer.

Really depends his play against Pitt.

Eric Maynor Is Staying Regardless.
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