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Default Re: just made a bet that my friend couldn't get MW3 on release date

Originally Posted by GOBB
I've never preordered a game and have had no problem getting the game on release day. And not even early (meaning when store just opens). I got Black Ops on release day after work at Best Buy. The bet you made might have been more worthy had you isolated the store like Gamestop. Chances of getting MW3 on release day there is slim. Best Buy? Target? Walmart? I could go on. The only lines out of stores will be from video game shops. And thats due to the amount of preorders. Other stores? Pfft, so if I were you? I'd just buy the game for your friend on release day or give him the money.

You lost...unless your friend is indeed an idiot.
Yeah I go to the K-Mart by my house and they have tons of copies on deck whenever a new game releases.
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