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Default Re: James Bond 23 "Skyfall" - (Javier Bardem CONFIRMED as Bond villain!)

Originally Posted by ukplayer4
mendes- bleh!

give tarrentino what he wants and lets see what he does, mendes, how boring, whilst i hate the mis/over use of the word, he could be the most overrated director of alltime to me. his films are stylised nothingness. bond should be given to quinten or even better refn/greengrass(who is singlehandidly responsible for why casino royal was the best((and only)) decent bond film in decades).

No way!

Mindless rambling dialogue. It used to be good now it's just pretentious waffle. Inglorious Basterds was alright but apart from that Pulp was his last great film.

And for the person who negged me it's called an opinion, why don't you share yours instead of the over used hater bullshit remark.

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