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An arm came around her waist and pulled her backwards off me.It was the man on the bed.The woman turned on him, snarling.Yasmeen leapt for me.I scooted backwards, putting the wall at my back.I hadn't seen her come, not even a blur of motion.She appeared beside me like magic.She had her body up against my knees, pinning me to the wall.Yasmeen dug her fingers into my upper arms and jerked me towards her.Her strength was incredible.
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She made the black shapeshifter seem fragile.But he was going to be too late.Yasmeen bared her teeth, raised her neck back for the strike, and I couldn't do a damn thing.She pulled me in tight against her, arms locked behind my back.If I'd been pressed any tighter I'd have come out on the other side.
I felt her whole body shudder.What the hell was happening?A tongue of blue-white flame curled up between us.I screamed and Yasmeen echoed it.We screamed together as we burned.She fell away from me.Blue-white flame crawled over her shirt.Flames licked around a hole in my sweater.I shrugged out of the shoulder holster and pulled the burning sweater off.My cross still burned with an intense blue-white flame.
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I jerked the chain and it snapped.I dropped the cross to the carpet, where the flames smoldered, then died.There was a perfect cross-shaped burn on my chest, just above my breast, over the beat of my heart.The burn was covered in blisters already.Yasmeen had ripped her own blouse off.She had an identical burn, but lower down between her breasts because she was taller than I was.I knelt on the floor in just my bra and jeans.Tears were trailing down my face.I had a bigger cross-shaped burn scar on my left forearm.A vampire's human followers had branded me, thinking it was funny.
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