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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by JMT
When you have an engraved invitation to the game, your chances of winning increase exponentially. You've only got to beat one team, which in many cases has come from the annually overrated Big 10.

I'm not going to aruge the "engraved invitation" argument because it's pointless. The fact is, the SEC has gotten to and won the last five national championships and, most of the time, have beaten a team most felt was the other best or second best team in the nation.

2007: Florida humiliates favored and #1 Ohio State 41-14.

2008: A two loss LSU team probably didn't deserve to go (that was a very wacky season with maybe the wackiest finish in my lifetime) but they still beat Ohio State, who again, was favored and ranked #1.

2009: Hard to say because McCoy was knocked out of the game so early, but that was a VERY good Alabama defense.

2010: Oklahoma came in with the highest scoring offense in college football history, played a legit Florida defense, and was held to 14 points despite having scored 60+ points in each of their previous five games.

2011: I'm not claiming Auburn's defense was good, because I spent most of last year thinking it was pretty mediocre. I felt they had a very good defensive line, a solid group of linebackers, and a really bad secondary. They still held Oregon and their high-flying offense to 19 points.

So, that's two years against the same Big 10 team (2/5 against the same team does not equal "may cases") and three other years they've beaten non-Big 10 teams that came into the game with offenses that were being labeled "prolific". In the three non-Ohio State games those offense have combined to score 18 points per game. And if you want to go back to 2003, LSU beat Oklahoma 21-14, and I'm pretty sure Oklahoma was supposed to have a what most considered a prolific offense that year.

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