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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by UtahJazzFan88
I just don't see why Alabama deserves a shot back in the game unless everyone else loses when they screwed it up at home with no offense?

I hope Arkansas beats LSU, but LSU IS easily the best team in the country.

I wasn't ever saying that. I was saying LSU MIGHT deserve another shot because they would've lost a close one on the road.

And I don't think LSU is easily the best team in the country. Watching the game I still feel Alabama is better than LSU. They were out-gaining LSU pretty comfortably a majority of the game. I think they also missed something like four FG's in the first half. Make just one of those and they win in regulation. Is LSU the best team in the country? Maybe and probably so, but they aren't "easily" the best team in the country.

No one expected this to be a blowout if Alabama won. Their style of play doesn't lend itself to blowouts against a team almost identical to themselves on defense.

I feel like Alabama and LSU could play 10 times this year and split 5-5. I might even give Alabama a slight 6-4 nod.
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