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Default Re: 2011 College Football Thread

Originally Posted by Jameerthefear
The SEC isn't afraid to play any team out of the SEC. LSU and Alabama would eat Boise for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Who is the best team Boise played again? Georgia

Yep, that's what I heard over and over again from SEC fans before September 3rd when Boise came to the Georgia Dome and dominated Georgia......."gonna eat Boise for breakfast", "they play a high school schedule", and my favorite "not nearly as athletic and fast".... Well, those non-athletes ate Georgia for breakfast, lunch and diner. Its really funny how the SECers arguments have changed after that game. Before Boise dominated Georgia it was always "the SEC is so deep, top to bottom, and a one hit wonder team like Boise couldn't play a grueling SEC schedule (TM) week after week". Ever since Boise beat Georgia the new mantra for SECers is that the conference is really have the top tier teams (LSU and Alabama) and then everybody that the Boise win against Georgia is somehow now irrelevant.....too funny....
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