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Default Only nrew movies

Metal Tornado - experiment on the use of solar energy is a failure,
and a giant magnetic tornado begins to destroy everything in its path.

Puss in Boots - the cross swords and hearts will be broken up in the adventures of one of the favorite characters from Shrek - Puss in Boots.
This is a daring trip early age Puss in Boots, when it is combined with a clever Humpty Dumpty and savvy Kitty to steal the famous Goose that lays golden eggs.

Retreat - Kate and architect Martin after a personal tragedy, sent to live on a secluded island. And everything was fine until there came a bloody, half-dead man in military uniform.
The mysterious stranger comes to mind, and tells them that rages on the mainland deadly virus that has already mow in Europe millions of people and now they can not leave this island ...

Welcome to Hoxford - Raymond Delgado is not an unusual prisoner. He is regarded as a psychopath, Delgado told everyone that he is the son of Zeus.
One day he was transferred to prison Hoksford special treatment, where it turns out that he's not the only "special" prisoner.
With the advent of the full moon eerie howl spreads through the prison corridors,
people huddle in fear for their bars and only Raymond Delgado boldly met the monster that goes to it.
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