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Originally Posted by Bucket_Nakedz
FUUUU... It took me almost 12 hours of game time just to ring that fxxking first bell, ugh!

Kept getting murked from that minotaur on the bridge, and once i finally killed dude... FROOM! got burnt from a fxxking dragon. I couldn't even kill the damn thing so I found another path under a bridge and came across an armored boar; bastard was tough. Made it to the hall and had fought with a huge black knight and a fxxking sorcerer. But after all of that ordeal, Nothing has made me rage more than those fxxcking gargoyles, fxxk them to hell!

I swear, i knew this game was going to be challenging, but fxxk! I don't know how i did it, but i have to take a break from this game for now. Because I almost lost my sh!t, dude (and im a pretty chill dude, too). I have a love/hate feeling towards this game.

Its so frustrating because i usually am a fast paced player but this game literally takes me out my comfort zone - which is a good thing - and makes you approach it slowly and methodically, which games today never do. I'll get back to this game eventually but for now, my pride is wounded. This game has literally kicked my ass in every which way possible.

Don't fret. It took me almost as long to get up to that bell part too. It took me about 8 tries to beat those gargoyles. The part that makes me rage is when I let the rats poison me.

It will take more than 50 hours to pass this game. A friend of mine is at 70 hours and near the end.

I did what you're thinking of doing in Demon's Souls. I put it down for about 8 months and came back to it renewed. I don't recommend putting it down that long....just take a break. I take a few days off from Dark Souls and come back refreshed.

By the way, did you get the Drake Sword from the Red Dragon. It's a big help. Velocirap gave me the strategy on how to get it and it makes things easier. In short, aim and shoot the red dragon's tail with about 30-50 arrows and it'll drop the bada$$ Drake Sword.
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