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Default Re: Is Skyrim the greatest game of all time?

Originally Posted by KeylessEntry
lol wtf are you smoking? Demons souls and Dark souls are nothing like skyrim. The souls games are action adventure game with a few RPG elements and Skyrim is a full blown open world RPG. Batman and Uncharted are also adventure games. Uncharted is incredibly linear and Batman is not even close to the same level of "open world" as seen in this game.

Disagree about the importance of core fighting mechanics too. I played the crap out of oblivion and the fight mechanics were absolute garbage in that game.

i never mentioned that batman and uncharted were the same type of thing, i said they were better. batman is an open world game, and it does it better than skyrim.

yes, demons souls and dark souls aren't open world games though when it comes to core mechanics and combat they are extremely similar, apart from one thing. the gameplay in demons/dark souls is far better.

won't bother to touch on the subject any further seeing as some of you are going to die protecting a game you haven't played yet.
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