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Default Re: Is Skyrim the greatest game of all time?

Originally Posted by donald_trump
and lol the person who negged me over a video game.

not to mention one you haven't played yet.

let that sink in. your feelings got hurt over a video game. one you haven't played. you're defending an inanimate object.

I received some nasty comments from anonymous people myself, over what exactly? Was I rude in any way? If so I apologize. I was just having a discussion with people and apparently if you prefer a particular game over their favorite games, they can't handle it.

I received so much negative feedback for this. Even after the fact I was honest with everyone and said I thought Batman was a better game then Uncharted 3, after finishing both games for myself. I have no problem with admitting that a particular game is better then my favorite trilogy. I think some people would never admit that, the maturity level from some posters on here is pretty low.

I agree, I like Dark Souls way more then Skyrim. I just played it for a couple of hours today at my buddies house, since he pre-ordered it. I didn't enjoy it at all to be honest, I really really tried to like it though.

The environment is absolutely stunning, and it is extremely vast. However, I had a big issue with the game-play and its character design. This looks like a damn PS2 game in regards to character design. I seen a lot of lagging going on as my friend was showing me the environment. I can see why so many people enjoy these type of games because the amount of content in this game made me a little dizzy. It's definitely a game you invest a lot of time in, but like I've stated already; RPG's don't suit my personal preference.

I will definitely not be getting this game; fighting dragons, collecting spells and interacting with non-playable characters isn't something I value in a game.

I guess I'll be receiving more negative feedback for expressing my honest opinion.

By the way, this game is obviously a masterpiece by the reception it is getting. Maybe I'm being too closed minded. Too many people enjoy role-playing games and all the critics (and gamers) have nothing but positive things to say about Skyrim.

Hope you guys enjoy it immensely.
By the way, I am looking forward to Hitman: Absolution, that game looks phenomenal. Also, I am anticipating Max Payne 3 as it is one of my all-time favorite trilogies. The lack of hype about this game kind of makes me worried, but hopefully it doesn't disappoint. Not sure I like what they did to Max's appearance (being bald headed now) and choosing Brazil as their destination. Uhm, we'll see I guess.
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