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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

Gotta love coach Calhoun. After the Columbia game, coach never happy, makes this great comment: "I'm looking to the game when Jeremy's shot doesn't go and Shabazz has four fouls," Calhoun goes on to say: "Then what happens? … Everyone is telling them we have a good front court. Really?"

And then when we were boxed out and could not fight for a rebound, coach lets this comment fly: "There's no other word to describe it. … Once we get boxed out, we stay boxed out. I told them we should cancel weight training the rest of the year because it's not doing us any good." Coach wants to players to become aggressive on the boards. I think, in time, they will.

Ladies have the court today...Holy Cross.

Let's go, Huskies!!

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