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Default Re: Can Shane Battier dunk?

I know this is a random bump, but I was at my little brother's basketball clinic this weekend hosted by Shane Battier and during Q & A one of the little ones asked if he could dunk (likely a poster on Insidehoops) and it instantly reminded me of this thread.

Rest assured, even after standing still for 20 minutes and wearing warmup pants and cross-trainers, Shane could still take one step and dunk (though it wasn't a hammer - it hit some iron). As others have said in this thread, sometimes it takes some frame of reference. I mean, he may seem average sized in the NBA but in truth, he's a slender, relatively long-armed 6'8''. He stated his first dunk came in 7th grade when he was 6'4''.

Finally, in the obvious statement of the century, Shane is a very affable guy. In terms of talking to athletes, I can usually take it or leave it. But he seems legitimately cool. Also, fun fact: I asked him a super random question about a game he had against an area team in high school, and he confirmed he did indeed once score 16 points, grab 25 rebounds, and draw 6 charges in the same game. Is that not the ultimate essence of Shane Battier?
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