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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Burgz
go to riften and go into the pub/inn/bar

there is a mage in there (mercurio or something) who is extremely powerful and if you pay 500 gold he will become your companion

really good for a guy like my character who is excellent at using any type of sword and would benefit from ranged support

You missed my question . Is Marcurio+Meeko working excellent for you? I love him because he never ends up on knees (dying, leaves battle) like the few other melee and the ranged mercenaries I tried. Meaning he's very smart and doesn't stand around getting hit like a jackass. Plus when he goes all out on spells he's a beast. I'm a Mage and I love the way he works with my team. I let Meeko (dog for those new to this thread) and my Frost Atronach (summoned demon) tank for me and Marcurio is in the back shooting arcane spells.
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