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Default Re: Nick Galis: "Euroleague Scrub" That Scored 50 points In A Game Against Michael Jordan

Originally Posted by Psileas
When it comes to the bolded one, and going by the rest of your quote, this must just have been good sportsmanship on behalf of the professionals, letting 19 year old amateur kids beat them...

You don't understand the difference between official competition at the second highest level where there is a lot at stake, and a friendly game of a professional team against college kids? Aaalrighty then...

No, Galis wasn't in his prime in the early 80's, unless you also believe that Jordan was at his absolute prime in '87, because of averaging a career-high in scoring (and that's after an injury, btw). Galis' absolute prime came somewhat late in his career, between '87 and '90 and would last a bit more if he didn't get a pretty serious foot injury that prevented him from playing in the 1990 World Championship. When the injury healed, he still averaged 37.0 ppg for the 1990-91 season, at the age of 34.

Finally, I'm not comparing the 2, but you know damn well that Team USA would still easily win the gold medal with Galis in young Jordan's place and that Greece of the early 80's would still not be a powerhouse with young Jordan in Galis' place.

I said prime, not 'absolute prime'. Nice freestyle extrapolation of what I said. If you don't think Galis was at the start of his prime in 1982, or Jordan was at the start of his prime in 1987, then I don't know what to say.

You must really despise Greek basketball if you think a player, who is not even close to his prime, can average 44 points there.

And you must really think Jordan is god, if you think he was an MVP candidate in the NBA at a time when he was not even close to his prime at all.
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