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Default Re: Moving to Canada?

Originally Posted by RidonKs
Canada is literally everything good about America without having to put up with any of the shit

we get your entertainment, your food, your brands, your security backing, and our leaders get to piggyback on yours politically

meanwhile, we don't put up with anything close to your sham politics, we aren't hated worldwide, our historical records are cleaner, we've still got the whole sea to shining sea bit, our corporate and financial sectors are a million times safer, better government entitlements with a deficit that the rest of the world envies

and most of all, we aren't bombarded with retardedly over the top advertisements and marketing campaigns that should be enough to drive every American insane... that shit still goes on, but it's much more subtle

actually, if i were to describe the difference between America and Canada, i'd use the word 'subtle'. Canada is subtle America. and considering the state of affairs down south at the moment, that should be a welcome variation.

You are from Canada Ridonks? What part? You are one of the coolest guys on here, I should have put 2 and 2 together. Oh and don't forget that our society is generally freer than the land of the free, and our law enforcement is respectful and more professional for the most part.
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