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Default Re: Moving to Canada?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
So what do Canadian feel in general about outsiders coming to live there....especially from the US?

What's the biggest culture shock for an American/US going there?

Canadians are very welcoming I feel. You won't encounter a lot of arrogance towards outsiders, I am talking to you America and France. If you tell most people you're American they will probably be very interested to know more about what it's like to live there and then explain how things are different in Canada.Of course individuals are different all over, there are good people, bad people and as*holes everywhere but I'm speaking generally.

I think the biggest cultural shock for most young people to be honest will be people's obsession with hockey, long winters and Canadian television. Of course if you have cable or satellite then you still get all of your American channels. In fact majority will be American tv. Another thing you will notice is that people are more assimilated. This might piss off you racists but in most groups of friends half will be white, with the other half being a combination of black, indian, asian and other races. People aren't really separated along racial lines as much basically.
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