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Default Re: Eurocup Week 1 Thread

Originally Posted by Euroleague
First of all, it's the best and ONLY dominant game by any NBA player in Europe this year.

Second, it's the best game Tony Parker has ever played in his life.

Third, while Parker was awesome on offense, he was weak on defense.

Fourth, Valencia is a very mediocre team. Please....."a team one win away from Euroleague final four"....why do you do this shit all the time. Just post about Parker's great game and STOP TROLLING.

Valencia's roster is nowhere remotely near what it was last year and their by far and away best player didn't even play.

I am going to give you one chance, and ask you about European basketball without trolling from now on PLEASE.

The funny thing about it is that Valencia is probably a top 3 team in this Eurocup and one of the best teams in Eurocup history
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