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Default Re: Imagine if Cuban hired Avery sooner

That was Nellie's idea. His we'll outscore you plan. Nellie has been obsessed with point forwards since Paul Pressey. So that explains his infatuation with Walker. And when Nash left, Nellie was upset and really wasn't into it like he was. A lot of times he was sleepwalking through games. Even letting Avery coach while he was on the bench. If you aren't going to give it your best shot, it's time to walk away.

Izzo, you are right about him not being ready sooner. Avery always was a leader. And he learned things from his coaches. He's a mix of Pop and Nellie. And he has the luxury of having Del Harris on his bench.

And any credit he gets, he deserves. He didn't come in at the right time to scoop it up. Nellie has a great eye for talent. And makes excellent in-game adjustments (something Avery learned from him). But as history shows, Nellie's style of play is not conductive to winning it all. This does not mean he's not a fantastic coach. It doesn't mean Avery is a better coach. But Avery has an idea and a plan of what it takes to do more than just make the playoffs. And so far it's working.
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