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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by LJJ
They don't die. They only pass out for the duration of the battle

Partially true. If you accidentally hit them.. or something really powerful hits them.. they DO die while they are kneeling/knocked out. BTW guys I'm LOVING my Rogue. I'm not only rich but I just got Shadowmere from Brotherhood which is an all black stallion with red eyes. SUPER SICK. Don't buy a horse if you want to be a Rogue. Just do the Brotherhood quest line. About to get best daggers in game too.

I'm loving the Dark Brotherhood period. I'm already level 13. I'll try a warrior soon as well. I don't like how with Rogue unless you ambush you're mostly worthless so far. Sneak attacks though do literally 30x damage and I 1 shot everything. I think as I gear and level and improve things my regular fighting will get much better.

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