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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Originally Posted by Clutch
Hello guys.
Since there is no NBA and it probably won't start any time soon I'm open to new sports.

I have watched most of European sports and none of them is as interesting as the NBA.I follow Euroleague basketball and Champions league(soccer) but that's only few games a week.

To get to the point-I want to watch some American sports.
Which one do you recommend and which teams should I watch ?

I know football is very popular,hockey also seems interesting and I've never watched baseball.
Football is a good sport and it is because it is a collision sport. The only downside with football is that its only on pretty much twice and sometimes three times a week. It is mainly on Sunday's though so watching football is an event more than anything.

Hockey is also a very good sport to watch and it is very underrated. It is simply because there was a lockout in the '04-'05 season which killed a lot of its popularity and media hype. NHL use to be on ESPN but after the lockout they are now on Versus instead. They are still on NBC though for National television. Hockey is a much better sport to watch in person though

Baseball? Well there won't be any baseball coming up soon since the season just ended about a month ago and next season won't start until late March, but I certainly don't recommend it unless you go to the ball-parks and watch it on live and in person. This is a sport where its only fun to watch in person and it has little to no value watching it on TV. Football and Hockey are sports that you want to watch live as well but it is still a great sport to watch on TV as well. I can't say the same for baseball.

I recommend....

1. Football
2. Hockey
3. Baseball

in that order. Hockey is a sport you can watch almost everyday though so maybe that'll be the best sport to watch, not to mention hockey/NHL is going on right now and the season has already begun.

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