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Default Re: How to get open in 5 on 5?

I think moving and cutting in pickup ball can sometimes be psychological and pattern-induced.

On the psychological front, I often have to tell myself I'm not tired. Then I have to tell myself my defender is tired (or at least more tired than me). I also think how much he's probably going to hate guarding me if I move all about. These may not all be certain truths, but they're enough to get me going.

Another trick to get myself going off the ball is to get on my toes. Before plays initiate, I may do some hops or stutter steps (subtly, not giant obtrusive leaps). I want to feel hyper-active before a play begins because I know if I'm just standing up straight and waiting for initiation, my cuts will be less frequent and slower.

Finally, by pattern-induced I mean, if I stand around on offense during a few trips down the floor, it tends to breed more standing around in the future, from myself and from my teammates. Meanwhile, if I'm always moving, it tends to be contagious. Then I also become in better shape, which will allow me to move even more. It's a win-win.
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