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Default Performance Of NBA Players In Euroleague Week 5

Jordan "the Chris Paul of Euroleague" Farmar had 5 points, 2 assists, a 4 ranking.

He was dominated in the game by "Euro scrub" Demond Mallet.

Nicolas "the Scottie Pippen of Euroleague" Batum had 9 points with a 14 ranking and was dominated by "Euro scrub" Michalis Pelekanos and his team lost.

Danilo "the Larry Bird of Euroleague" Gallinari had 14 points, and led his team to one of the single game greatest collapses in Euroleague history, as his team lost a late 20 point lead.................

Sonny Weems ("the LeBron James of Euroleague") and Ty Lawson ("the Isaiah Thomas of Euroleague") combined forces to play like complete scrubs and help guarantee their team a loss, and possibly eliminate them already from the competition. Weems gets a special star, considering his turnover at the end of the game basically caused the loss, which now makes at least two losses in Euroleague that he was personally responsible for.

The "total domination" continues........

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