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Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Don't fret. It took me almost as long to get up to that bell part too. It took me about 8 tries to beat those gargoyles. The part that makes me rage is when I let the rats poison me.

It will take more than 50 hours to pass this game. A friend of mine is at 70 hours and near the end.

I did what you're thinking of doing in Demon's Souls. I put it down for about 8 months and came back to it renewed. I don't recommend putting it down that long....just take a break. I take a few days off from Dark Souls and come back refreshed.

By the way, did you get the Drake Sword from the Red Dragon. It's a big help. Velocirap gave me the strategy on how to get it and it makes things easier. In short, aim and shoot the red dragon's tail with about 30-50 arrows and it'll drop the bada$$ Drake Sword.
I basically researched the drake sword you mentioned and realized ive been playing this game wrong all along. i made a new character with warrior class and started all over. Ive gotten the drake sword and im still farming in the undead burg. ive killed my first black knight and havel to get their rings. im basically trying to level up while honing my fighting skills. this game is fxxking awesome!!! I played skyrim for about 5 hours and yet i couldnt stop thinking about dark souls. i already sent back skyrim to gamefly because i knew i wasnt going to be playing it anytime soon. i thought i was going to be playing skyward sword exclusively once it comes out. but now i think ill alternate both dark souls and zelda because dark is soo gratifying. thanks dude for telling me about the drake sword and basically adding anothet dimension in what is a hella hard but addicting game. it really opened my eyes.

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