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Taking a scoring player who plays our most crowded position (tied with pf) who can't play good defense.

How is SF/SG crowded? You have exactly one NBA caliber player at those 2 positions. That's Mo Pete who is a good player and all, but he cant score like Morrison. Bosh tends to disappear for stretches of games. Charlie is nice but he isnt going to excel at SF. Morrison is actually a solid pick. There isnt a center or PG to take at number one. They are beyond thin with swingmen in a swingman dominated league. Toronto basically got screwed, they won the lottery in the first year for like 3 that doesnt have anyone that helps them. They would be better with the 5th or 6th pick because whoever they draft is either going to be positional like Araujo or a backup. So they are either going to be criticised for drafting a position they already have or reaching bigtime to get a position of need. Either way the fans will act stupid and whine, lets be honest Babcock got castrated for both. I seriously wouldnt want to be the GM of the Raps.
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