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Default Re: How to get open in 5 on 5?

People have gone over the important aspects of getting open: settings screens, deeking, cutting, being quick and decisive, etc.

Here's another facet to your game you can add: posting up.

In the rare occasion I'm not the primary ballhandler, I post up. There's just so much you can do from the high post. You have vision, it's easy to find cutters, you can easily dribble out so it's safe.

Even if you have no ability to back down your opponent, try it. You can do give-and-gos, get a screen, face-up and take your man off the dribble, etc.

You don't need strength to win in the post. Speed can always win.

Just be quick and don't turn into a black hole (Kendrick Perkins) and if you don't find anything pass out and set some screens.
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