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Default New NBA labor deal helps the Jazz a bit

By giving NBA owners the additional percentage of the BRI that they'd been bargaining for, it results in a 50/50 split, or no worse than a 51/49 split favoring the players should BRI revenues increase in the future.

This will give a small-market team like the Jazz a huge financial boost which will help offset the type of losses the franchise was forced to endure last season reportedly around $17 million.

That alone would likely be enough to help squelch fears that the Jazz franchise might go up for sale sometime in the next few years should the team continue to lose money at such an alarming rate.

Then, if we factor in the CBA's new-and-improved salary cap restrictions/luxury tax penalties along with its revenue sharing possibilities, it should not only make the Jazz franchise increasingly solvent and profitable, but help put Utah's front office in a better position to make the team increasingly competitive in the future.

-- Reported by the Deseret News
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