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Default Re: Kurt Thomas may favor Knicks, Bulls, Heat or Mavs

Those who saw him play last year, must agree that he was one of the better post defenders in the league still. He’s oldschool and plays physical, rugged ball. He’s still a solid rebounder and doesn’t make bad decisions on offense. He still has that reliable mid range jumper as well, eventhough he doesn’t shoot often. Drtg may not be a really reliable stat, but 98 is pretty good and Kurt Thomas was just that.

He’s old, but still played 23 minutes per game last season and looked great out there. He’s a year older now, a year slower probably, but if he still wants to play, I think he could make any team better with his veteran play.

As for where he should sign.. If the Mavs can’t resign Chandler, they’ll need all the front court help they can get and they should pursue Thomas so he can fill up some of the minutes. He fit in with the Bulls though, so why leave a good situation?
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