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Default Am i the only that Feels that Dwight Howard is overrated?

He's the best C by default. The cream of the Crop of Big men are at the power forward position.

Howard's fundamentals are still poor, He gets lost in games too often. He's very inconsistnet in regards to his point output night in and night out. Simply put he is not a Dominant. He's fools gold against an inferior opponent. His poor passing ability makes him most of the time incapable of capitalizing on the defense doubling him, His lack of a face-up game makes him very human from 5+ feet away from the rim. His low post moves while improving a bit are still quite lacking. His rebounding overrates him greatly, especially when you take into consderation how many "cheap" rebounds a game a big man will get.

His greatest contribution will always be his defense. Howard has no business being a primary option on offense.
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