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Default Re: Pistons foward Kyle Singler staying in Spain this season

Originally Posted by AI3Anthony
Good for him because his game does not translate to the NBA.

He's a decent player. He's an above average outside shooter, had the ability to drive sometimes(in college),OK defender(in college) but I just don't think he would be anything in the NBA. Maybe a poor mans Chase Budinger. He will have a better career playing overseas.

EDIT: Some highlights..

I'm a Duke/Rockets fan.

Singler is too slow to play NBA defense. His shooting is decent, but not good enough to be the first reserve shooter off the bench.

He is not athletic like Budinger. Budinger doesn't play nearly as hard as Singler, but he can jump really high and shoot the jumper. Singler has much better passing and court vision than Budinger though.

So technically he is indeed a homeless man's Budinger with better court vision.
Singler gives 100% every game. His best case scenario is a 8th man energy guy.

I think most players would prefer to live in Spain over Detroit.
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