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Titles are overrated
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Default Re: Am i the only that Feels that Dwight Howard is overrated?

Guys scores 23 a game on 13 shots. He put up 25/15 and 27/15 the only two months he took as many as 14 shots a game. And when I say only 2...I mean the only 2 of his career.

The guy can drop 20 a game by actually setting out to score 5-10 times a night and getting the rest off effort and being fouled.

If he could afford to play halfassed D he could do numbers like the great centers used to even without being as skilled.

And when I say he could...its me disregarding that he already does.

Hes been one of the best players in the NBA one on one around the basket for at least 2-3 years but people somehow dont notice because he misses 2 hooks a game and runs a guy over at some point.

But guarded one on one....hes approaching unstoppable.
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