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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by Rowe
All of this Rondo for CP3 stuff is making me sick.

Why? If NO looks to trade and get something for Paul, Rondo is huge value. Boston is actually a team that I think Paul would agree to going too as well. Isn't perfect but makes sense. Not like it's a Knicks offer or a Clippers offer involving Kaman. Rondo is a young point, throw in Jeff Green and a few future 1st's and not that crazy. Boston isn't New York or Miami but it's not Minny or something.

Rondo is a good mix of value and location. Westbrook and Ibaka would be a better offer but would OKC do that? .. how many legit offers are out there that have both the value and the desired location? A team like Indiana could have the value but is Paul going to re-up there?

Of course if NO just let's Paul walk than it's stupid.
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