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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Why? If NO looks to trade and get something for Paul, Rondo is huge value. Boston is actually a team that I think Paul would agree to going too as well. Isn't perfect but makes sense. Not like it's a Knicks offer or a Clippers offer involving Kaman. Rondo is a young point, throw in Jeff Green and a few future 1st's and not that crazy. Boston isn't New York or Miami but it's not Minny or something.

Rondo is a good mix of value and location. Westbrook and Ibaka would be a better offer but would OKC do that? .. how many legit offers are out there that have both the value and the desired location? A team like Indiana could have the value but is Paul going to re-up there?

Of course if NO just let's Paul walk than it's stupid.

No, I realize that there is a real possibility of CP3 in Boston joined by Dwight Howard.

I really dont want to see that happen.
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