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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by NuggetsFan
Hmm for an example couldn't NO land Rondo. Next week trade Rondo|Emeka to Denver for Lawson|Hamilton or whatever because Denver can take on the extra salary. They could dump Rondo to whatever team that has cap space basically and save money, right?. Trade Rondo to Indiana for George and a 1st round pick if they wanted value + savings.

I actually have no idea about NO. I think there's a shot they just let Paul expire because doesn't the NBA own them and probably cause a scene if he just get's dumped off to some good team .. witch is probably the only teams he's going to agree to re up with.
One, I honestly don't know the timeline on how quick you can flip a guy with the new CBA. I don't know if it's that simple. Two, sure, maybe you could, but then you're doing the exact thing but in two separate transactions hoping you'll be able to pull it off. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
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