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Default Re: Pacers want Rajon Rondo from Celtics

Originally Posted by JGXEN
That's bullshit. You don't even watch enough Celtics games because if you did, you wouldn't be saying the rubbish you've spewed out. Rondo is a great defender? Fact. Rondo is a great playmaker who you want on your team to make oncourt decisions? Fact. Rondo is one of the best rebounding PGs, and is a walking triple-double machine? Fact. I acknowledge that his only glaring flaw is that he can't shoot the ball consistently, but that doesn't mean he is not an elite PG. The truth is, the big three have been playing off of Rondo ever since 2 seasons ago, not the other way round. If anything, the big three benefitted from playing with Rondo.
Calling Rondo elite is straight laughable, clearly you have rose coloured glasses on.
Random person saying fact after everything doesn't infact, make it fact. FACT
He's a good defender and rebounder, yes.
He's a decent playmaker, but when you have 3 HoFers on the end of your passes it's impossible to guage how good he actually is. Put him in Phoenix instead of Nash and I guarentee he doesn't have anywhere near the assists.
It's not a matter of not being able to shoot consistantly, he can't shoot at all... Ohh wait I forgot, fact!
At the death he's a liability. How can an "elite" point guard not be counted on to have the ball in his hands when the games on the line. Dude has a career FT% of 62%. Show me one elite PG that can't even shoot free throws....
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