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Default Say Dwight doesn't go to NJ..

What will Deron Williams do? Lets assume Brook Lopez is a 20/8 player next year and continues his decent play from the end of the season.. and the Nets pick up a decent FA with all of their cap room. Where could Deron possibly go if he wanted to leave that would be better?

The Bulls? They have Rose.
Boston? They have Rondo.
OKC? They have Westbrook.
Miami? No cap room.
Knicks? They're getting CP3 before him[which makes sense since CP3 is a passer first which will make him fit better with two pure scorers]
Lakers? They're trying to get Dwight.. not going to get another superstar over the summer.
Dallas? Pretty sure they wouldn't be able to afford him.
Memphis? Pretty sure they have a lot of other guys they are going to try and keep.

What good team in a nice market could Deron possibly be targeting? All of the best teams in the league already have a great point guard, or they cant afford him.
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