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Default Re: GSW and Mem trade rumor

Originally Posted by Brujesino
How is Collison?Also i saw you make a trade proposal that included Roy Hibbert in another thread, I thought those two were players you want to build around not get rid of.

On topic,this doesnt make sense for the warriors future we take on a bigger contract and next year curry is a restricted free agent since we are getting rid of Ellis that would mean Curry we are commited to Curry but where will we get money to pay him?
That was in a Rondo deal, and was something I was sort of 50/50 on, but if Rondo was coming here (which he's not now) those're the kinda assets that'd have to be moved I imagine. I don't really WANT to move anyone, especially Hibbert and Paul George is untouchable, but gotta give to get in a solid trade.

Anyway, DC's alright, but if the team wants to be elite again sometime he shouldn't be the starter. Defense is terrible (good as he is with the PnR offensively you'd think he'd have a clue how to defend it), doesn't see the floor well at all, just too damn small. In an ideal world he makes for an absolutely perfect offensive backup that can play big minutes if need be.
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