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Default Re: Broussard: Boston offered Rondo+Green for Westbrook+Perk, OKC said no

Originally Posted by AMISTILLILL
My post was actually in reference to the person saying Broussard was right about LeBron going to Miami. For whatever reason I quoted a completely unrelated post.

no one nailed the miami situation like stephen a smith. he said lebron/wade/bosh would join forces in miami two weeks before they did. he was adamant about it too. he said he would never speak to that 'source' again if he lied. people were just saying he was making ish up to get radio listeners. he isn't always right but he killed it on that one.

pretty sure it's already been pointed out but broussard's time frame doesn't make sense since you can't trade a player back within the same season. i think it has to be after the CBA expired in july.
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