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Default Re: Kblaze will use this topic to record his random thoughts.

I was discussing the adderall use of an Argentinian friend of mine and she reminded me of a discussion I had about a crackhead cousin/friend/uncle(depending on who im discussing him with) of mine. Back in the day he would show up and yell out "I!" like Vader:

Then walk in the room doing the Vader theme music all puffed out walking like Vader.

Presumably this was after he had taken a good solid portion of crack to the brain. At times he would be on crack...clearly...and be quiet. Almost as if he couldnt even see the world around him quiet. But other times he would....turn into a wrestler. Usually vader.

Which caused us to wonder....

How much crack is just enough and how hard should you hit the crack?

We argued long and hard and concluded that...

Its hard to pin down an exact amount of crack or how hard to hit it off the bat....but if you turn into Big Van probably hit it too hard.

Also unacceptable to turn into...

The ultimate warrior
Macho Man in late 80s form
Akeem the African Dream
Roddy Piper

Wrestlers its acceptable to turn into/people who if you begin to show their traits you likely used just the right amount of crack....

Kevin Nash
Rick Rude
Mr Perfect
Bret Hart

It is also acceptable to turn into a Paul Bearer type creature. Stone cold was argued but we couldnt settle on if he appeared to be on too much or just enough.

These are the kinds of things I discuss.
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