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Default Re: Say Dwight doesn't go to NJ..

Originally Posted by HylianNightmare
I doubt Dwight stays in Orlando though. He's definitely going to end up leaving for a real contender.

As far as the Clippers go.. I dont know.. I dont see Deron leaving the Brooklyn Nets to go the the second tier team in LA. Plus, they'll have a few guys theyll have to pay up to keep in the future in DeAndre Jordan and Eric Gordon, assuming they dont trade those guys for Dwight in the first place, which would eliminate the Clips as a destination for Deron anyways. I actually think Eric Gordon has more potential than Deron does for the future too.

I guess the Clippers are one team he could go to though. But they're really the only team he could go to. The Lakers too if they dont get Dwight.. shit. I really hope Brook explodes this year.
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