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Originally Posted by Walker
Here's a thought I had late last night. Matrix for Ben Wallace in a sign and trade (with other minor parts to make it fit). Oooo I like that idea

I am sorry, but this would be the stupidest trade ever IMO.

-Wallece is OLD.
-Wallece CAN'T play OFFENSE
-Wallece COULDN'T RUN the floor
-Matrix makes about 15mil.$, Wallece will make about 15mil., so there in no point in this becuse the only reason the Suns would have to trade Shawn is becuse they want to sign (resign) Diaw and Barbosa.
-If Wallece would come to Phoenix it would make a big position jam...
Diaw, Studemire, K Thomas, Wallece, T Thomas would have to share 4 and 5

Are you serious?
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