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Default Re: Off-Topic(Anything non-Knicks related) Respectful Of Course!!

Post Superbowl,I HATE Giants fans. You'd think they had some sort of dynasty. They have one SB based on one amazing play. I used to give them their props. I rooted hard for them in the playoffs. The sicken me though. They act like we haven't been the better team the last 2 years.

Knickscity,to answer your question, Stevie Johnson deserved to be fined. Im not just saying that as a Jets fan. It's one thing to taunt an opponents signature move, but Plax shot himself. Regardless of how stupid it was,he could have died. I believe Shawn Taylor died by being shot in the leg. Not to mention, the celebration didn't end there. He did the whole Jets plane crash thing after that. It was liek the celebration was never going to end. It was an entire scene in a movie. Guess he used up all his Jets taunts in that one play because he knew his bitch ass was gonna choke and not score again! lol Im just mad at Revis for having his one mediocre game against a fruit loop with a cheek piercing.
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